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servicing – maintenance – repair – assembly

With an efficient workshop that meets the demands of the biggest makes on the market, our team is available to give your bicycle a new lease of life. That can range from a simple annual servicing right through to extremely specialised demands such as maintenance of a fork.

The workshop undertakes to work on your bicycle according to the extremely high standard of quality and meticulousness that reflects the ethos of the shop.

To book, call Stefan on +32 2 672 66 10 or send an e-mail to: km10@km10.be

… And be sure to ask him about the ‘mechanical workshops’.

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Hire option at Km10, whether it’s for one day, a weekend or even a whole week.

— Scott mountain bike
Full-day price = 25€ incl. taxes (including helmet-flask-padlock).
— Bicycle travel case
Weekly price = 60€ incl. taxes

Whenever you hire our bicycles, you undertake to:
• always wear a helmet and ensure you can be seen
• follow the highway code
• give way to pedestrians and horse riders
• take your litter home with you
• ride on the designated cycle paths, tracks, ways and lanes, whether on roads or in woodland


We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Those days when our bikes are so dirty and muddy, we haven’t dared take them indoors with us or stow them in the back of the car. It’s a problem that every cyclist faces or has faced. And KM10 has come up with a great solution by investing in an eco-bike-wash that’s available 24 hours day, free of charge, and that uses a rainwater recovery system. Located on the shop car park, it’s become an essential port of call for all the cyclists in the area, allowing them to go home with a nice clean bike.

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Shower, pump and tools

During the shop opening hours, there’s also a shower and changing room you can use for a token 1€. A pump and a few tools are also available for you to use. Our objective is to make your bike rides, on or off-road, in the areas around and within reach of the shop as pleasant as possible.