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Choosing a bicycle that’s right for us has become such a specialist thing that it’s sometimes difficult to select one to meet our needs and wishes perfectly.

The KM10 team will be very pleased to guide you through the maze of bicycle types and models available on the market.

Take a look at our range below:

Mountain bike

Mountain bike that lets you go ‘anywhere’. Semi-rigid, full suspension, 27.5’’ or 29’’… Our experts will be happy to guide you in your choice.

makes: Scott, Pilote, Kona, etc.

Hybrid bike

Hybrid or trekking bike. Versatile, relatively light, which will allow you to ride around town or on good country roads and lanes. Relatively pared down to start with, and you can upgrade it easily to suit your needs or wishes (kickstand, mudguard, carrier rack, lights, etc.)

makes: Scott, Kona

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Electric or e-bike

The new rising star among bicycles… Suitable for everyone from 7 to 77 years of age, the electric bicycle is a real revolution in overcoming all our daily mobility problems while at the same time having fun!

makes: Moustaches, Scott, Batteries Bosch, Shimano

Town, city or urban bike

Fully kitted-out bicycle; carrier rack, mudguard, lights, etc. Designed for relatively short distances such as doing the shopping, going for a ride with friends or family, etc.
In direct competition with the electric bicycle, especially here in Brussels, which has its fair share of gradients.

makes: Scott, Schindelhauer, Kona, etc.


This more sporty type of bicycle is aimed at cyclists who enjoy fast and long-distance rides.
Light or very light (6 kg), its price will be inversely proportional to its weight.

makes: Scott, etc.


This one, too, is becoming increasingly popular as the traffic jams grow longer. Light, easy to handle (30 sec. precisely to fold and unfold), easy to stow in the boot of your car, you can take it with it wherever you go: train, tram, bus, restaurant or work, happily and surcharge-free!
KM10 offers you the Rolls Royce of folding bikes: the Brompton.

makes: Brompton

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Gravel’s bike

Somewhere between a cyclocross and a road bike. Greater comfort and versatility than a cyclocross and a lot sturdier than a racing bike. The latest fast-growing trend. Also ideal for bikepacking/trekking.

makes: Kona, Scott

Children’s bike

KM10 will assist you with choosing a child’s bicycle, for any age from tiny tot onwards, that will help him/her learn to ride or give him/her a lifelong love of cycling, perfectly safely and with loads of fun!

makes: Scott

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